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KCCi sell, services & repairs the following WIN Communications Business Telephone Systems.

WIN Communications 24D

WIN Communications 36D
WIN Communications 36DX (the “X” equals Caller ID ability)
WIN Communications 100D
WIN Communications 48CT and WIN Communications 48IP
WIN Communications 96CT and WIN Communications 96IP
WIN Communications 128CT and WIN Communications 128IP
WIN Communications 440CT and WIN Communications 440IP
WIN Communications ENET200

We have a large inventory of the following phones:

Refurbished   8 Btn. Basic Telephones

Refurbished 16 Btn. Non-Display Speakerphones

Refurbished 16 Btn. Display Speakerphones
Refurbished 16 Btn. Display Speakerphones with 15 Btn. DSS-BLF

Refurbished 16 Btn. Executive Display Speakerphones

Refurbished 60 Btn. DSS-BLF, Attendant Console with Dual Color LEDs

Refurbished 20 Btn. Non-Display Speakerphones
Refurbished 20 Btn.Display Speakerphones
Refurbished 32 Btn. Non-Display Speakerphones 

Refurbished 32 Btn. Display Speakerphones

​Refurbished 60 Btn. DSS-BLF, Attendant Console, Programmable

Refurbished KSU’s, Trunk Cards, PRI Cards, T1 Cards, PRI Cards, Station Cards, Analog Station Cards, C.O. Cards, Analog Adapters & parts for all WIN Systems.

If you presently own a WIN 24D, 36D, 36DX, 100D, 48CT, 96CT, 128CT, 440CT, SmartVoice Voicemail or Amanda Voicemail or Enet 200; KCCi can Service & Support your system(s). 

We currently have in stock New & Refurbished KSU’s, Trunk Cards, PRI Cards, T-1 Cards , Station Cards, C.O. Cards, CPU’s peripherals and accessories for all WIN Systems.

Contact KCCi at (714) 577-7777 or Toll Free at (888) KC-4-NEXT or (888) 524-6398 or Email Jason at: for complete WIN Systems Service & Support.

WIN Communications Corporation offered a complete line of high quality feature rich digital business telephone systems, voicemail systems, telephones, peripherals and accessories for growing businesses. If it was quality, value, reliability and a robust feature set that you were looking for, WIN digital business telephones were a GREAT choice!  

WIN incorporated the latest technology into their phones while maintaining ease of use for their customers. Fully illuminated tri-color buttons, a large multi-line display with time and date, an oversize key pad and extendible legs all made it easier to use WIN digital business telephones.  

If you were concerned about obsolescence, WIN Communications Corporation adopted a philosophy of forward migration, meaning digital telephones purchased yesterday were engineered to work with future generations of their products.

Additional features that made WIN digital business telephones a smart choice: 

  • Full Duplex Speakerphones on all models (except 20 Button Basic Phone)
  • Optional Analog Port Adapter
  • Reinforced ABS Plastic Casing
  • Spill Resistant Key Pad
  • 360 Degrees Status Indicator

Contact KCCi at (714) 577-7777 or Toll Free at (888) KC-4-NEXT or (888) 524-6398 or Email Jason at:Jason@KC4Phones.comfor complete WIN Systems Service & Support.

WIN COMMUNICATIONS...   Sorry, WIN is no longer in business... But, KCCi is! We have the knowledge, expertise and we are well stocked with tons of WIN telephone systems!

Since 1982 the WIN Communications, Corporation had established a reputation in the industry for having exceptionally reliable telephone systems that were moderately priced and easy to use.

In 1988, KCCi became an authorized WIN Communications, Corporation dealer selling, installing and maintaining several thousand WIN Telephone Systems throughout California and the nation.

WIN Business Telephone Systems