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Call KCCi, 

      Because Business is on the Line...!!!

Call KCCi, 

   Because Business

   is on the Line...!!!

                    Its Not Necessary for You to Hide from the Mailman,                                               Faint or Pass Out Due to High Telephone Costs!

KCCi’s full cycle management of our clients telecom expenses typically result in a 40% overall savings, with immediate impact and improved process controls.

Send us your latest business mobile, landline, internet and data bills. We will analyse your current costs with the the objective of giving you the best possible price and services currently available.

If only companies knew the importance of having a proper telephone bill audit, they could save lots of money that could go in more productive areas of their business. It’s difficult to oversee a telephone bill audit with all of its complexities. Telecom bills encompass so much detail that it’s almost impossible for most companies because they the lack resources and the knowledge base to handle telecom expenses. Most of the time, they end up paying a lot more than they should.

Why not let TEAM KCCi™ assist your company with its telephone bill audit? We help control expenses; create efficiency and productivity, which allows our clients to fully manage all aspects of their telecom costs. We oversee telecom service such as:

  • Long distance
  • Local services
  • Internet access
  • Mobile Cellular Services, Yes, We Can Help with Cell Phones Too !!!
  • Enterprise wireless, (WiFi/WLAN)
  • Audio conferencing
  • Wide area network (WAN/LAN)

KCCi also helps with the telecom contract negotiating process. KCCi uses cost and risk mitigation methods because most agreements come with punitive terms and conditions and are usually one-sided. In order to secure a world class agreement, that’s favorable to our clients, KCCi employs proven methods and the results speak for themselves.

Every enterprise needs TEAM KCCi™ to perform a telephone bill analysis/audit or to help secure a telecom services agreement with a telecom service provider that’s designed to benefit your business, call KCCi today at (714) 577-7777 or (888) KC-4-NEXT or email

We accept bills for analysis via fax or email.

We usually only require the "SUMMARY  PAGES" of your telecom bill invoice.

Fax: Fax your telecom bills to:  (714) 646-8339

Email: Email a scan of your telecom bills to:

Save money on your business communications today, for any questions please call us Toll Free at (888) KC-4-NEXT  or  (888) 524-6398– our customer service team is standing by to help!

Call KCCi, Because Business is On the Line…!!!

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