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Small Business America; you need a modern phone system. 

Many small business owners these days fall into the trap of thinking that BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is how modern companies need to do business - today!  

Well BYOD is certainly a great business tool and every business should have plans to deploy powerful UC, (Unified Communications) tools such as: Mobility, Unified Messaging, Presence, Status, Audio & Video Conferencing, Collaboration, and IP Telephony.

The phone system is still the hub of business communication—whether on a desk, through a computer, or in the palm of your hand. Chances are if you aren't already utilizing a centralized, professional small business phone system you are missing out on potential business opportunities.

With the possible reason being; you're losing out on a few possible deals when calls from clients are lost or never returned. Or, because your competition has already called KCCi.

The fact is, tools for enhancing your productivity come in all shapes and sizes. Everything from noise-canceling headphones that help you work while traveling, to upgrading your computer or laptop can have an impact on your productivity – and your bottom line.

A new phone system from KCCi means less wasted time and, just as importantly, fewer missed and unreturned calls. Outdated phone systems can result in problems that include everything from dropped calls and inoperative voicemail to customers giving up when no one answers the phone.

But the newest generation of phone systems has been designed from the ground up with an eye towards being affordable, intuitive and simple to use. How easy is that?

​If you want your customers and clients to take you seriously, then you simply must have the proper tools of a modern office, including and especially, a great phone system.

And yet, that cool phone system is about much more than just “sounding & looking” more professional.  A new phone system will actually make your company more professional.  Why? Having built-in voicemail, having calls routed properly – it all adds up to a better, more professional office and presentation.

This change alone could very well lead to more business.

​Call screening, easy expansion options, dial-by-name functionality, access to VoIP and support for numerous extensions, sophisticated call routing are just some of the features your business will have access to with today’s new phone systems. In addition, you will find that these features really do make your business more effective.

There are many steps that you can take to help your business grow, regardless of its current size. Given the importance of communication, it’s only logical to consider upgrading how your company communicates with the world. The business world has changed, in part, because the world of communication keeps growing and improving. For this reason, you need a modern phone system that can help you adapt to those changes, both today and tomorrow.

New technology is great, but new technology that can grow with your business and adapt to your needs? Now that is terrific.

Let’s face it: Communication is what drives business. This means that, you need to have the latest communication tools at your disposal.

  • Increased Productivity
  • Sound & Look More Professional
  • The Newest Generation of Phone Systems Are Surprisingly Affordable
  • New Phone Systems Incorporate New and Highly Useful Technology
  • You Need to Keep Up with Your Growing Business
  • New technology is great, but new technology that can grow with your business and adapt to your needs? Now that is terrific.  

Small Business Phone Systems in Southern California. 
You’re a small business in SoCal. Whether your business is working hard to compete at the top by staying agile and being extremely customer friendly, or your business is small simply because of the niche that it exists within, KCCi has a small business phone system in Southern California for you.

It's imperative that your voice & data communication platform integrates from your physical office to your remote office, whether that’s at home or on the road. Planning for your communications dashboard today, puts your small business on cruise control for tomorrow.

​Many small businesses in SoCal require a phone system that grows with them. And we understand that. We will carefully work with you to keep affordability a priority while planning for growth and continually moving your business forward.

In selecting the right small-to-medium business (SMB) communications system, data, voice, VoIP, call centers, mobility and voicemail are just a few of the items that need to be considered. We understand that this may be your first fully integrated small business phone system in SoCal for your organization, so personalized service is of utmost importance. You’ll work directly with our top sales and service reps to create a fully customized solution to suit all of your needs.

KC's SMB phone systems need to function easily or the key features will go unused. We make sure your entire staff is fully trained on all features of the installed NEC phone system. Although you don’t have the luxury of a corporate in-house telecom department, you will have the luxury of KCCi’s quality customer care and emergency service 24/7. We thrive on being a partner with your business and work hard to ensure a long-term strategy and solution to your business communications.