AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk with Integrated Dispatch: Take the next step in mobile productivity with a powerful dispatch tool that works seamlessly with Enhanced PTT.


  • As low as $5 per month
  • Group calls with up to 250 people at the push of a button
  • Store up to 1,000 contacts
  • EPTT over Wi-Fi capabilities on Wi-Fi enabled phones
  • Choose from a broad selection of mobile devices and platforms
  • See who's available to talk with presence status indicators
  • Use your smartphone application, like GPS or cameras during PTT calls
  • Allows supervisors to override PTT calls to communicate valuable information to their teams

AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk Service

With an increasingly mobilized workforce, time waiting to connect people, information, and resources wastes money. Communication has to happen fast to keep things moving efficiently and is a key driver of productivity. 

Enhanced Push-to-Talk (EPTT) provides walkie-talkie-like command and response efficiency for mobility-dependent industries. Push-to-Talk's simple, one-button approach to near-instantaneous one-to-one and one-to-many voice communications improves worker collaboration, productivity, and your bottom line.

Global Plan

Global  Travel  Minutes     Call or Email for Details
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Laptop / Notepad & Hotspot                   $   21.99
Tablet & Gaming                                   $   10.99
Push to Talk                                          $    5.50
Activation of Global Plan (per device)      $    5.99

Data Pricing  Month-to-Month Contract

Shared 10GB              $   89.99
Shared 15GB              $ 113.99
Shared 20GB              $ 130.99
Shared 30GB              $ 195.99
Shared 40GB              $ 261.99
Shared 50GB              $ 321.99

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KC's Telecom & IT Vending Machine Concept - Nearly 30-years ago the only services my young company offered our customers was adding phone jacks, (that's it; just one product selection). Then one day a client asked me to repair his broken telephone, which I did, (a 2nd product selection). The next day a customer said he needed to expand his business and asked me to upgrade and relocate his phone system, (wow, 3rd & 4th product selections). A few weeks later a client told me that he was opening a branch office in San Diego and he needed to purchase a new phone system and order new C.O. lines, (5th and 6th product selections). And, so on and so forth...! The process continues today and everyday.

29-years and 2,500 customers later - the endeavor continues with KCCi aspiring to deliver everything our customers expect and then some. As telecommunication experts servicing California and the nation for almost 3 decades, we have honed the art of delivering the best in business telecom & IT products and services. We achive this by taking a consultative approach to helping our customers and prospective clients find a technology "fit" that's customized to their business needs.



KCCi's mission is to bring communications — from the street to the device — including dial tone, low-voltage cabling, voice / data services and video surveillance. We build long-term, mutually successful, value-driven relationships that meet your requirements and anticipate your future needs so that you deliver on budget and on time.

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Desk Drivers Welcome

​In addition to supporting the latest iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile operating systems, AT&T-powered PTT provides Windows® desktop PC support. Now users can easily manage and quickly coordinate PTT communications between in-office workers and remote teams based in the field or on the road.

AT&T Wireless  &  Enhanced Push-to-Talk Service

AT&T Wireless gives customers access to the nation's most reliable 4G LTE network, so they can transfer files, access e-mail, use network-connected apps, and surf the web easily and efficiently. AT&T offers a nationwide 4G network, so users can do more in more places, all backed by our dedication to quality and service.

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$21.99*   Unlimited Talk & Text(*) No phone included

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Telecom & IT Products

For nearly 30 years, businesses throughout California and the nation have relied on the experts at KCCi for a wide variety of telecommunications and data products & services. 

KCCi provides enterprise clients of all sizes with optimal communication performance across convergent technologies. We are at the forefront of today’s information age - delivering complex voice, data, Internet, hosted cloud services, carrier services, video surveillance, and related electronic digital products & services to suit every type of user: from executive to remote office worker or telecommuter; operator to call center supervisor. For ultimate convenience at increasing speeds and in ways that both; satisfy and delight our customers. 

All of this occurs while our clients benefit from potential cost reductions. So, if you haven’t reviewed your telecom options recently, there are significant changes occurring in hosted/cloud telephony and even cloud computing technology with pricing that will grab your attention.

KCCi offers an unbeatable 5-year warranty with every new NEC system purchase - you do not need to buy anything extra. NEC phones are the best built in the industry and KCCi's installation team is unmached on the American West Coast. Together we are putting our reputation on the line and we are offering our clients the best standard warranty in the business.

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