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​Presence: Improves Communications in Businesses of All Sizes

Organizations are required to do more with less. KCCi & NEC are able to transform your telephone system into a productivity tool, with presence and unified messaging at the core. 

Save valuable time by knowing if someone is available before trying to contact them. Whether they are online, on the phone, in a meeting, or on vacation; NEC presence helps you to know where people are. This reduces unanswered calls, the number of messages left and the frustration of being unable to contact that knowledgeable person. 

With unified messaging all your voice, fax and email messages are stored in one place. Regardless of message type, receive immediate notifications and access your messages from anywhere at anytime using your PC, tablet, desk or smartphone.


  • Increased efficiency in communication
  • Reduced decision making lead-times
  • Improved collaboration
  • Control of availability

Sharing One's Availability

Presence is about being able to share one's availability status so everyone is aware of it and can act accordingly. It offers benefits to all parties in the potential communication session and provides instant visibility of availability, allowing an informed decision as to when and how to make contact with a colleague or partner. It also provides a means of controlling availability and preferences as to whom, when and by what method others can make contact. Presence management removes the crude barriers created by voicemail and email, replacing these by a much granular level of control.

Our all-in-one Unified Communications suite Business ConneCT offers all the advanced communications functionality you need, including call control and group information, voicemail, directory services, operator and call routing.

Simple and cost-effective to deploy, Business ConneCT's three user modes – contact centre agent, operator and employee – use the same server, a single database and with a common user interface, and are managed from a central point.


Knowing when and how to communicate with others is more often than not a decision based more on luck than judgement. When you need someone the odds are you won't be able to reach them. The time when you least want to be disturbed will be the time when everyone wants you. And the time when you need a quick decision or information urgently to progress a project will be the time when you embark on a frustrating game of telephone, voicemail or email tag.