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Premise-Based PBX vs. Cloud-Based IP Telephony

KCCi is Looking for Modern Companies
The core technology and philosophies behind traditional phone systems were developed when most work was done by people sitting at desks in office buildings. Customer expectations were relatively low. Not much about the way people used telephones to communicate in businesses changed from the 1950’s through 1999. Then something happened. Use of the Internet became more widespread and disrupted our thinking about what it means to run a business. Old assumptions about work were challenged and new tools for productivity emerged and mobile devices added fuel to the fire. KC Communications is the modern choice in telecom companies for today’s agile, mobile and always-on company. If you want to be a modern company you need to communicate like one…!

The Criticality of Business Phone Systems

In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell is said to have given a demonstration of the telephone system to the 19th President of the United States, Rutherford B Hayes. Apparently, the invention did not strike a chord with the President who reportedly asked: “That’s an amazing invention, but who would ever want to use one?” 

​Nowadays, no one can question the phone system and its criticality to business. A business leader once said, “Our phone system does not generate revenues, but without it there would be no revenues”. Given that a phone system is critical to a business, is it necessary that your phone system is always a cutting edge system with all the possible capabilities that it can give businesses? Putting it another way, is it important that you must always be on the lookout to keep your phone upgraded and modernized? The answer to this is obviously a ‘No’. Your phone system is married to your business needs. The frequency of upgrade or replacement will depend on the line of business you are in. We can expect a contact center to have a more modern and updated system as compared to a manufacturing business, but there cannot be any doubts about the criticality of phone systems to either of these enterprises.


KCCi is the modern choice in telecom companies for today’s agile, mobile and always-on company 

​As a decision-maker for your company you're perfectly aware of the significant role technology plays in today's demanding marketplace. You also know that footing the bill for the advantages required to outperform the competition is no easy task.

 At KCCi we believe you're at our website right now because you've discovered what we already know. The right communications system can be the critical link to a balanced budget, providing a platform for a multitude of applications integrating voice & data that increase the productivity of daily operations and improve customer satisfaction.
Making the Right Choice...As you weigh all the factors involved in the selection process, KCCi would like to offer this important point for your consideration. There's more at stake here than getting the lowest price or fulfilling current needs. To be right for you today, your new communications system must also be right for you tomorrow, next year, even ten years from now.