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Increased Productivity Via On-Site Mobility

True mobility across your organization

On-site wireless telephony on your IP Network

NEC’s Business Mobility IP DECT delivers on-site wireless telephony that uniquely combines the benefits of IP technology with the superior quality and facilities of the well established DECT technology. This brings:

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction – Callers get quick access to employees, improving customer satisfaction
  • Business efficiency – Employees can always be reached and seamless handover guarantees conversations continue when on the move
  • Increased performance – Powerful functionality such as corporate directory access, text messaging and presence
  • Cost savings – Easy to use wireless voice drastically reduces monthly cellular costs
  • For any organization – Scalable and secure communications for single office, campus or even metropolitan environments.

The IP DECT open architecture, embracing CAT-iq

To protect investments and stay competitive, Business Mobility IP DECT is based on the open SIP standard as well as adhering to the worldwide DECT GAP standard.

This means the widest compatibility and support of communication platforms and handsets.

NEC’s IP DECT portfolio takes advantage of the new CAT-iq standard with Internet services and HD-voice quality as important enhancements to DECT and supports applications such as Unified Communications, messaging, alarming, task management and localization.

Multi-Site Mobility

Business Mobility IP DECT provides wireless telephony in a multi-site business or campus environment. Organizations with a main office and different branch offices for instance simply install IP DECT Access Points at remote locations, which form one cluster with all other Access Points via the company’s network infrastructure.

G266                      ML440                      G566                      G966                          I755                         M155                        ML440 Trio

Mobile Devices

Wide range of Business Mobility IP DECT handsets

All Business Mobility DECT handsets offer excellent mobile voice communication: crystal clear speech, loudspeaker and hands free support, seamless handover and roaming, high security with DECT authentication, and seamless integration with features on the PBX platform. All DECT handsets have an appealing design and are easy to use. The DECT standard does not interfere with other frequency bands. Distinctive ring tones distinguish internal and external calls (or messages), and audible indicators inform the user about the status of the handset.

The DECT handsets also come with a range of applications, which include central directory support, presence showing which colleagues can be reached, text and alarm messaging to alert staff and location detection.

The ultimate devices for voice, text messaging and in-house mobility: