Experts in Today's Hosted & On-Premises IP PBX & Cloud Computing Systems, Structured Cabling, Wireless & Much More!

Managed Office 365
Complies with industry standard regulations and is designed to help you meet regulatory requirements for the healthcare industry.

Additional ITx Solutions
Outsource or augment your existing IT staff with managed IT solutions including managed LAN, workstations, servers, and backup.

Continuity, (Disaster Recovery)
Voice and data networking continuity to ensure you are always up and running.

Networking Services
Whether your need is for virtual private networking, handling large file transfers, or simply providing Internet access to your staff, our Internet services are powerful enough to meet your requirements, yet flexible enough to grow and change along with your organization.

​​Benefits to Your Business, (a partial list) 
UCX Integration, Enhanced Customer Service, An Easy evolution to Cutting-Edge UC Services, Unparalleled Quality and Support, No Upfront Capital Investment and Integrated Services from a Single Provider... To list just a few!

Recommended Solutions

Part-time or volunteer positions often have a high rate of turnover, requiring constant changes.  Your staff expects and requires the latest technology, but the “out of the box” solutions from the major carriers aren’t suitable for an organization like yours that’s continually growing and evolving.  And, you need the IT support for ever changing technology – but need to keep costs down.

When you’re faced with budget cuts or reductions in funding, you have to make every penny count.

Non-Profit Organizations

Unified Communications
Wherever your users are, our UCx service seamlessly connects them all with voice, video, instant messaging, desktop sharing, and many other features that make it easy to connect and collaborate. UCx allows a user to pair their desk phone with their mobile phone. Inbound calls will ring on both devices, and calls can be moved between devices without hanging up.

UCx (Unified Communications) ​Features: 
Voice, Instant Messaging, Desktop sharing, Collaboration, Video, Presence, Call Accounting, Call Recording, Mobility and Integration

Managed Firewall
Helps you manage your network security needs and comply with confidential information.

Seamlessly connect all locations with flexible dialing plans, free calls between sites, and much more.

​Internet Access
Reliable, high-speed connectivity to support a growing use of technology in the retail environment.