Experts in Today's Hosted & On-Premises IP PBX & Cloud Computing Systems, Structured Cabling, Wireless & Much More!

6. Proven track record in government solutions and consulting

7. User-centric approach accelerates business processes

8. Commitment to open standards, ensuring optimal flexibility

9. Unsurpassed technical support and reliability

10. Local presence supported by global vision

They rely on you to provide the secure, reliable connections that will keep them going. TPx & KCCi works with many government organizations to create solutions to these evolving technology challenges.

​+ Enhance Public Services

​+ Improve Productivity & Cost Efficiency

+ Business Continuity

+ Improved Security

+ Green IT

+ Solutions at a Glance

+ New Technology

Government agencies today face multiple challenges. Citizens expect rapid and appropriate response to inquiries and are tired of long waits at government offices. Budgetary pressures require improved communication for enhanced staff efficiency and an increased return on investment. Economic, political and environmental changes call for a strengthened ability to provide emergency services, protect citizens and ensure security for assets and personnel.

Working with government agencies on every continent, NEC has an unparalleled track record of delivering customized solutions to make government more responsive more cost effective, and more secure.

The difference is our powerful synergy of voice and data communications, networks and data storage solutions, enabling you to improve services to citizens and businesses, enhance communication and collaboration among personnel, safeguard information, and support physical security. By integrating and interoperating with your existing technology and assets, our solutions also protect your investment and maintain a smooth migration path for the future.

NEC is one of the leading global ICT providers and the only one that spans the full spectrum of Computers and Communications expertise. By sharing this competitive advantage with you, we not only optimize your performance today, but also prepare you to benefit from emerging technologies.

Whether it’s across town or across the state, your users are constantly on the move.


Short List of ​Unparalleled Industry Experience of TPx, NEC & KCCi 

NEC's builds its industry-specific solutions based on years of direct experience working within complex industries. Whether it's maintaining reliable and redundant networks for federal and local government, improving compliancy in the healthcare environment, enhancing distance learning and other educational services, allowing businesses to manage inventory better, or delivering superior customer service, NEC knows the landscape in each core sector. It is a trusted partner that has the ingenuity, portfolio, and expertise, to tailor a solution to address the nuances and subtleties that are critical in every industry.

NEC can create the innovative solutions your organization needs to elevate performance.


Why NEC? 10 Reasons

1. Leading global ICT solution provider

2. 110 years of experience in IT and networking

3. Financially stable enterprise committed to protecting customer investments

4. Environmentally-friendly products and solutions save energy

5. On the cutting edge of emerging areas such as cloud computing