Disaster Preparedness is More Than Just Having a Back-Up Tape On Hand

KC Communications builds emergency response programs for small, medium and large businesses, institutional organizations, government agencies and more. We are prepared to handle a wide variety of disaster scenarios such as:

  • Security Breaches
  • Crisis Handling
  • Power Outages
  • Chemical Emergencies and Hazardous Materials
  • Health Crises, Pandemics and Epidemics
  • Fire and Wildfire
  • Storms, Earthquakes, Floods and other natural disasters
  • Terrorism
  • And more…

We build bullet-proof, redundant emergency response programs suited to the needs of your organization. Do you have a disaster recovery plan?  Can you re-route critical support and service lines?

  • Can your customers contact you via secondary 800 numbers?
  • Is your telephony routing system strong enough to support hundreds if not thousands of calls every hour?
  • Are you capable of 24/7 live support at a moment’s notice no matter what Mother Nature throws at you?


Remember, disasters are usually classified as acts of nature, floods, fires, winds and hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural phenomenon. But small catastrophes can be just as devastating to your call center. KCCi is highly skilled at assisting businesses develop continuity strategies that work. Our existing systems are functional, well-organized and operational on a round-the-clock basis. Allow KCCi to:

  • Help you create a plan or integrate with your existing disaster recovery strategies
  • Examine all of your call center continuity assumptions carefully
  • Prepare a robust call center implementation
  • Practice and test your continuity plans frequently
  • Develop “what-if” scenarios to look for weak points
  • Organize a vast remote staff capable of handling high volumes of call activity

“Two out of five enterprises that experience a disaster go out of business within five years. Business continuity plans and disaster recovery services ensure continuing viability.”  Gartner, “Disaster Recovery

Plans and Systems are Essential,” by Roberta Witty, Donna Scott, Sept. 12, 2001.

KCCi Disaster Recovery Services

Will your organization be ready when disaster strikes? Do you have a business continuity plan? Can you even stay in business, serve your customers and protect your employees when unexpected emergencies arise? 

The fact is that every organization needs a continuity plan. Disaster recovery is a critical area of operations today and tomorrow. KCCi allows you to stay in business and serve your clients. KCCi will help eliminate your business continuity concerns and provide you with a robust recovery strategy that will keep your organization online, even when other companies are not.

Two out of five enterprises that experience a disaster go out of business within five years. Business continuity plans and disaster recovery services ensure continuing viability.  

No systems can be placed into operation when the power fails in a disaster. UPS solutions such as those from APC, TrippLite, and other UPS vendors can provide backup power for minutes to hours. When deciding on which UPS devices are appropriate for your contingency plans, you need to take into account which systems must be connected to backup power, their voltage and requirements, and the amount of backup power time needed. Confused about selecting the right UPS? Many of the top vendors offer tools on their website to help you make this important decision, for instance APC offers its 
product selector tool.

Next Steps
Why not let KCCi assist you in sifting through all the information, products to evaluate, and research to do when deciding on the technology needed to execute a disaster recovery plan. Once we've decided on the equipment and services required to keep the technology infrastructure intact, and at a level that doesn't cripple operations, it's time to start training staff and holding emergency drills. 

Maintaining communications is very important. In a disaster the chances are high that Internet, cell, and even landline communications will be unavailable for a period of time. As part of executing disaster recovery planning, consider mixing up communications. For instance, if you have a VoIP system in place, consider placing emergency POTS lines on-site — if one telecom system is unavailable, another may work in an emergency. Consider a copper "POTS" landline for emergency faxing, if your fax lines are on a VoIP system, as well. In additional a backup Internet connection can be put in place: DSL, Cable DSL, or even a old fashion dial-up connection can all be considered.

Don't be too scornful of the idea of deploying backup pagers. Pagers, (beepers) will often work when cell phones don't. In fact, many pager companies, long past their heyday, are re-marketing themselves as part of Disaster Planning Solutions for modern companies.

Disaster Recovery

About one in four small businesses will experience a “significant crisis” — earthquake, hurricane, wildfire, tornado, power outage, flash flood, cyber breach, etc. — in any given year (source: Continuity Insights magazine and KPMY Risk Advisory Services survey), and four out of 10 small businesses affected by a natural or man-made disaster will never reopen their doors (source: Insurance Information Institute).

To help mitigate the impact, KCCi launched the DISASTER RECOVERY initiative to help businesses prepare for disaster by offering simple, proactive steps to preparedness. Disaster Recovery offers an on-site “Quick Check" for Disaster Preparedness, enabling businesses to quickly assess their state of preparedness or readiness for emergencies and disasters, based on responses to 10 simple questions. It also offers an aggregation of free resources from KCCi, providing small businesses a single convenient destination when considering their next steps for emergency and disaster preparedness and planning.

The strength of local communities often depends on the success of small businesses. As a result, entire communities benefit when small businesses are prepared for emergencies and natural or manmade disasters.

  • More than one in four small businesses will experience a "significant crisis" – hurricane, wildfire, tornado, power outage, flash flood, cyber breach, etc. – in any given year. (Continuity Insights magazine and KPMY Risk Advisory Services survey)

  • Nearly two-thirds of small businesses do not have an emergency plan in place for their business. (Insurance Information Institute)

  • At least 40 percent of businesses affected by a natural or man-made disaster never reopen. (Insurance Information Institute)

Putting a disaster plan in motion now will improve the likelihood that businesses and organizations will not only survive and recover themselves, but also help their neighbors and communities recover more quickly. (Federal Emergency Management Agency) 

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What do you do when your phones  STOP RINGING?


Can you recover your incoming calls when…

  • There’s a cable cut
  • There’s a power outage?
  • Your equipment fails
  • There’s a disaster or evacuation

How will it impact your callers when they can’t reach you in 5-hours, 15-hours, 

2-days, 1-Week?  


Phone outages are no fun. In a disaster, a lack of communication can be expensive and even deadly. Though more common outages such as cable cuts and equipment failure are more temporary, they can still be quite costly, and they're always embarrassing to your organization's reputation.


How much frustration will you experience when a single phone line is down? How much more frustration will you experience when all of your phone lines are down? How much frustration will your employees and customers experience?


Recover quickly, effectively and professionally with KCCi! 

Contact KCCi,  Because Business in on the Line...!

There are many reasons to get your continuity plans in place today:

  • Avoid Disasters, Catastrophes, Outages and more
  • Maintain Business Continuity
  • Retain Customers
  • Realize Considerable Cost Savings
  • Provide Safety and Security to Employees
  • Fast Resolution
  • Increase First Call Resolution
  • Retain More Customers
  • Gain Efficiencies in Handling Communications
  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction
  • Don’t Be Caught Unprepared

KCCi delivers a redundant, efficient and geographically diverse solution that will keep you online and in service during the toughest times. Keep critical lines of communication open between your organization and your customers, vendors, prospects and employees.