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With organisations becoming increasingly fragmented, departments more flexible and employees more mobile, NEC’s conferencing and collaboration solutions enable working together, in real time, and interacting efficiently and effectively with colleagues, customers and suppliers. 

Advanced tools such as instant video conferencing, shared workspace, calendar coordination and rich presence assist in driving productivity across an organisation, creating an informed and connected workplace. 

NEC offers business enhancements such as the ability to optimise processes, integrate multiple communications channels, utilise smartphones and tablets and integrate business applications.

     Conferencing & Collaboration       

Working Together Whenever, Wherever & However

We partner with the best to bring you the best

NEC partners with the world’s leading technology companies, including Microsoft, Cisco and Genesys. This ensures that we deliver and support optimal solutions to meet your individual business needs and expectations. This may be a premise-based solution, a cloud or hybrid solution or a fully managed service.

          Empower Your People to Work Together,            Anytime, Anywhere on Any Device.

Unified Communications & Collaboration

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COLLABORATION:  Brochure | Data sheet

UNIVERGE SV9100: Brochure | Data sheet

UNIVERGE SV9300: Brochure | Data sheet

UNIVERGE SV9500: Brochure | Data sheet

SV9000 Series

UNIVERGE SV9100                            
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The perfect platform for small to medium sized businesses that want to grow their organization and be competitive in the marketplace.

UNIVERGE SV9300                          
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The ideal platform for small to medium sized businesses that want to grow their organizations with smart communications.

UNIVERGE SV9500                             
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A powerful communications platform designed with today’s mobile customer in mind.

Unified Communications & Collaboration

Today’s workforce is mobile and dispersed and workers are no longer bound to their desks. Business information is available regardless of location and the ability to action this information is critical to increasing innovation and raising productivity. This increases demand for new applications and devices that enable more flexible working styles along with supporting new processes and individual contact preferences.

Organisations are increasingly focussed on managing costs and leveraging investments while needing to continuously improve the effectiveness of communications and interaction between employees, partners, suppliers and customers. To build sustainable competitive advantage, you need to embrace new ways of working and the adoption of new processes.

This is where NEC excels.

UC&C brings together multiple technologies like instant messaging, email, presence voice, video, conferencing and document sharing for an integrated user experience.

NEC’s approach and experience in systems integration allows UC&C functionality to be integrated into almost any business process – across any device from PCs, softphones, smartphones to video conferencing and the latest tablets.

In addition, NEC has significant experience in integrating other technologies to deliver ‘all-of-business’ solutions, this experience encompasses, displays and digital signage, identity management and biometrics, networking expertise and sensor technologies.


The perfect platform for small to medium sized businesses that want to grow their organization and be competitive in the marketplace.