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Competitive businesses come in all sizes. Successful businesses always have one thing in common: great teamwork. In the age of increasingly disparate working locations and job complexity, communications play a crucial part in every organization’s success.

  • Make quicker, better informed business decisions

  • Respond more quickly and efficiently to customer requests

  • Empower your workforce with Smart Communications

     What kind of office are you in? 


Choose the right Solution


Designed specifically for medium to small size businesses, this complete unified communications solution is cost-effective, easy to install and maintain and provides you with productivity-enhancing, user-centric applications that streamline business communications and information delivery.

Simplicity and Affordability

Two key terms that perfectly describe NEC's UNIVERGE 3C for Medium Business/Small Enterprise (MB/SE) - a complete Unified Communications (UC) solution designed specifically for medium to small size enterprises.

This comprehensive packaged solution, that is built on open-standards, is comprised of an award winning softswitch, best of breed unified messaging and communication applications, a choice of IP desktop phones and the server that it will reside on. 

By choosing UNIVERGE 3C for MB/SE, you are selecting a solution that is cost-effective, easy to install and maintain, and offers productivity-enhancing, user-centric applications that are easy to learn and use. 

​Through its integration of multiple media types and devices, productivity gains and efficiencies are created to streamline your business communications and information delivery. 


  • Increases efficiency and productivity through advanced user-centric applications – instant messaging, presence, video and more…
  • Supports mobile and remote users
  • Simplifies personal communications management
  • Provides intuitive interfaces for ease of use and management
  • Offers flexible, standards-based components
  • Provides a distributed-software architecture for reliability and redundancy
  • Optimizes business processes and application integration through web services, SDK and SIP trunking tools
  • An Amazing Value that Provides Investment Protection 

The total savings represented by UNIVERGE 3C for MB/SE are quite significant and its initial acquisition as a complete unified communications solution immediately saves your organization money. Its flexibility and capability to grow with your business ensures that your investment is protected.

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NEC’s robust communications server for medium-sized organizations that need a solution that can grow as their business does.

The Premier Communications Server for Medium to Large-Sized Businesses with Advanced Communication Needs.

It is the ideal solution for those organizations concerned with quick decision making, rapid customer response, worker mobility and environmental responsibility. Organizations that need a server that can grow along with their business over time will find the SV8300 an ideal solution.


  • Supports voice communications, unified communications and mobility solutions

  • Works seamlessly with IP, TDM, video, wired or wireless networks

  • Accommodates up to a couple thousand ports

  • Supports several high-powered features and apps that branches and remote locations can share

  • Can expand along with your communication requirements

  • Is highly reliable

  • Supports open standards, simplifying integration of business processes

  • Complies with green standards

  • Rack-stackable architecture - the SV9300’s stackable chassis supports server functions, media gateways and media converters in a single unit. 

  • Support for both VoIP and traditional voice - deployment of a pure IP solution or any combination of IP and traditional circuit-switched technology is supported on a single SV8300 system. 

  • Standard SIP telephone support - allows users to utilize third-party phones. 

  • Application integration - applications are easily accessed through simple license activation. 

  • Scalability - as your business grows, so does its communication needs. The SV8300 seamlessly scales to 2048 ports in a single system network image.

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By Business Size

A range of communications systems designed specifically for small and medium-sized organizations poised for growth.

Each Small and Medium-sized Businesses, (SMB) platform is a comprehensive integrated solution designed to meet the unique challenges and communication needs of SMBs. Organizations can decide the most effective and cost-efficient way for their employees to communicate.

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses seeking to benefit from our expertise in the areas of 
voice, data, Internet, hosted cloud services, carrier services, video surveillance, and related electronic digital products & services can turn to to the skillful technicians at KCCi.

Small to Medium-Sized Businesses Offerings

Ideal for small and medium-sized organizations with up to 600 users.


The SV9100 Communications Server offers a scalable, reliable, full-featured communications solution to meet a growing business’s needs. 

  • Converged communications – data, multimedia and voice over one network
  • Supports IP, TDM, video, wired or wireless networks
  • Enhanced management
  • Investment protection - accommodates hundreds of users
  • Pure IP with the flexibility to support TDM - providing a clear migration path
  • Easily accessed, customizable advanced productivity applications and collaboration tools
  • Easy-to-learn and use interfaces and applications
  • Provides several high-powered features and apps that branches and remote locations can share
  • Supports open standards, simplifying integration of business processes
  • Streamlined business processes
  • Can expand along with communication requirements
  • The SV8100 is highly reliable

  • Ability for staff/customers to reach the right resources with one call
  • Security with a high-level of Quality of Service
  • Supports voice communications, unified communications and mobility solutions
  • Offers embedded applications that can easily be activated through simple licensing
  • Complies with green standards

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The premier communications server for small and medium-sized businesses with advanced communication needs.

The SV9100 is the perfect solution for organizations that wish to facilitate rapid decision-making, increase employee productivity, and improve customer responsiveness. It delivers superior performance, efficiency, flexibility and reliability when and where it's needed, and is key to survival and growth in today's information-driven business environment.