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The prevailing need to cut costs and increase sales and service productivity is affecting all auto dealerships right now. Unified Communications (UC) technology offers a unique way to accomplish both tasks while additionally increasing overall customer satisfaction and Customer Service Index (CSI) scores.

One of the top trends is improving business processes with technology and software. This theme looks to have trickled down into advanced digital marketing, dealer data protection, customer relationship management, and mobile device integration. All of these technology tools are designed to assist dealers. If you’re not utilizing them, or are interested in learning more about these technologies we need to talk.

What’s surprising, is that a good Unified Communications and Collaboration solution can actually help solve many of the challenges facing today’s dealers, sales and service staff.

The UC technology in question includes contact centers, IP Telephony, collaboration software, and more. UC can easily shorten your response times to customers, increase your revenues, and lower your operating costs, enabling your dealership to become more efficient and productive with one software application.

Customer Engagement

Sales depend on quick and effective communication. When a prospect or existing customer calls your dealership or walks into your showroom, you want to make the best impression that you can and answer any and all questions the customer may have with ease.

Unified Communications Solutions ensure that messages from customers are handled as expediently as possible. UC offers features such as:


  • advanced presence capabilities that allow receptionists to see which sales people are available to meet with a walk-in customer,
  • enhanced mobility that enable personnel to be available from any location and device, ​      
  • and instant messaging that offers a quick way to communicate with colleagues.

Customer Service

Your service department is your main revenue driver (no pun intended). The success of your service department depends on having the right information and the right tools at hand to complete a job. If your service department cannot quickly communicate with salesmen on the floor, with other dealerships, or with customers, then one of your businesses biggest assets becomes inefficient and unprofitable.

Unified Communications technology provides auto dealers with collaborative tools that can keep customers, service, and other dealership personnel in communication with each other easily. Customer service features include:


  • appointment reminders that reduce any missed sales appointments or last-minute cancellations resulting in increased revenue,
  • integrated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities that provide self-service options to callers, giving them alternatives to waiting or hanging up,      
  • one number reachability that enables you to contact your co-workers using their main extensions,       
  • and real-time snapshots of the contact center delivered via dashboards to service managers.

Staff Productivity

Whether you work on the showroom floor or in the front office, achieving customer service success means you have to be an efficient communicator. NEC’s Staff Productivity solutions provide you and your staff with efficient communication and automation of routine management tasks, thereby improving your dealerships’ responsiveness to customers’ needs. Some of the staff productivity features include:


  • management and operation of a desktop telephone from your PC for easy speed dialing, call management, contact lookup, and seamless CRM integration,      

  • unified messaging allowing all faxes, e-mails and voice messages to be accessible from one inbox, anywhere,         
  • a fully-integrated directory system that provides real-time customer information to receptionists and other personnel, enabling them to deliver enhanced and personalized services, ​        
  • and intuitive, modular-designed telephones that can be tailored to each individual role.

To learn more about how Unified Communications, contact center, and mobility can help your dealership increase efficiency, productivity and revenue, you can learn more by contacting KCCi. -or- Call our toll free at: (888) KC-4-NEXT, (524-6398)

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KCCi: Qualified Expert on Automobile Dealership Communications

KCCi undoubtedly has more experience in Automotive Dealership Telecom & Data Communications than any other telecom company in the United States today. For the past three-decades, KCCi has held the honor of being a trusted business partner for the largest and the most profitable automotive retailer in the United States; and probably the entire world, with 263 domestic and import franchises and 232 stores nationwide.

We know what it takes to make an automotive dealership stand out from the crowd; we proven our world-class Telecom & Data Communications expertise at hundreds of automotive dealerships.We've helped the largest and the most profitable and we're certain we can help you too. Our craftsmanship, knowledge and expertise consists in doing what we love and doing it right. 

Why is it that your competition has the benefit of KCCi's industry experience, craftsmanship and knowledge, while your dealership does not? Perhaps you should consider calling or emailing KCCi today!  -or-  call us toll free at: (888) KC-4-NEXT, (524-6398)

Industry Solutions

Role-enabled communications for every industry

NEC Corporation of America understands that each type of industry has its own set of communications needs and requirements. Our expertise comes from gaining a clear understanding of each industry’s unique challenges and goals and tailoring solutions to address them.

With our UNIVERGE360 approach to business communications that places people at the center; it allows us to further individualize communications to each person’s role. This role-based approach provides the exact communication tools needed to improve efficiency and productivity of each individual in all industries.

NEC is uniquely qualified to address communications needs through our many years of experience with customers in all industries. Our seasoned professionals can advise you on the solutions that are a best fit for your organization and how to achieve the best return on your investment. NEC also brings to you the benefits of our strategic partnerships with advanced technology manufacturers.

Each industry varies by customer, technology and market. That’s why we provide solutions, tailored to your individual business objectives and goals. NEC knows that to be successful, you have to have the right communication tools to service and support the unique needs of your customers.

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