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KCCi offers complete system upgrades whether it be on your existing system by adding more extensions or telephone lines, or a complete system replacement to a new and more up to date digital phone system we can offer the right advice to suit your businesses needs.

To survive in today’s business environment, it is imperative for a business to adopt the latest innovations in communication technology.

Is the time right for replacing/upgrading your existing phone system?

Which solution will best suit your business?

The "Top Signs that You Need to Upgrade Your Business Phone System" (listed on the left side of the page) can help you assess your business phone system needs, and give you some tips for choosing the right system for your business.

Check the capability of your existing phone system with a member of our staff we will be happy to offer some advice on the best solution for your business.

​Is it Time to Upgrade?

Our business customers ask us about the latest and greatest in phone systems all the time. And many of them assume that the business phone system they may have installed only a couple of years ago is already hopelessly outdated and should be replaced. The answer in many cases is, “Well, perhaps, but not always.” It all depends on how you’re using your phone system and how your business needs have changed. For instance, if your workforce is increasingly based out of the office, your existing system may not meet their demands. And if that’s happening, you run the risk of having a phone system in place that’s not capable of keeping you ahead of your competition.

So, here are the Top Seven Signs That You Need to Upgrade Your Business Phone System:

1.)     You find your business needs specific “must-have” features and requirements. Companies increasingly find they require features like "find me/follow me" or an "auto attendant" to manage their incoming calls more effectively.

2.) Your phone system doesn’t support VoIP telephony. Transporting your voice calls among branches via an IP network, which you already use for email and data transfer, can reduce inter-branch telephone costs. Other cost savings can be realized using VoIP.

3.)  Your business phone system can’t effectively handle the increasing number of incoming and outgoing calls. Network congestion is increasingly common, with packet latency a growing problem. Data packet latency, when you’re transmitting email, is frustrating enough; when it happens with voice, it makes the calls largely unusable.

4.)   Your phone system doesn't support multiple business offices or mobile users.  It should be able to manage and remotely administer extensions at those locations — or home-based offices — as easily as if they were on-site.

5.)  Your phone system doesn’t scale to meet your evolving business needs; you can’t add phones without adding significant cost.

6.)   Your existing business phone system is becoming technically obsolete. The compatibility and interoperability of your phone system doesn’t always support existing upgraded IT/networking equipment.

7.)   Does your phone system allow your mobile work force to stay connected and accessible? For your front-end sales executives and other staff members, who are on-the-move most of the time, or for staff who need to work from home and still have calls transferred to them as if they were actually in the office.

These are all valid points that we use to determine whether your business can benefit from a phone system upgrade. It’s especially true when dealing with a more mobile workforce; for them, enhanced connectivity is a requisite operational feature.

At KCCi, we can provide the latest in either on-premises or cloud-based technologies. Our smart solutions can help solve your challenges, offer the flexibility to choose the features that best suit your needs, and help you consistently expand your capabilities at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

So if any of the phone system problems on this list ring true to your business, give us a call.