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8x8 Business Phone Overview   

How to Buy

Call Us:  (888) KC-4-NEXT  or  (888) 524-6398

Email Us:


How to Buy

Call Us:  (888) KC-4-NEXT  or  (888) 524-6398

Email Us:



Visit the business accessories store for headsets and more.

Analog Phone/Fax Adapter

Use when connecting a regular analog telephone to your high-speed Internet service to enable 8x8 phone service; contains two switched Ethernet ports and two RJ-11 phone service ports.

Video Phone

This business media phone unifies video and voice, in a simple-to-use communications tool. With an intuitive touch screen interface, video calls on the Polycom VVX 1500 can be initiated with a single touch.

IP Conference Phones

The IP conference phones deliver unbeatable clarity and performance for any size room – from executive offices to board rooms. They deliver the audio performance and 360 degree microphone pickup required for efficient and productive conference calls.

Cordless IP Phones

8x8′s workplace wireless telephony solutions allow on-site mobile employees to roam freely throughout the workplace while delivering continuously reliable and available voice and data communications.

IP Phones

These sleek and elegant IP phones offer true “plug and play” functionality along with powerful features and flexibility.


In addition to the 8x8 softphone and mobile app, we offer best-in-class IP phones, conference phones and video phones.

​​Complete Capabilities

You get business phone services, virtual meetings, video conferencing and all the features your employees love, like presence awareness, mobile apps, visual voicemail, and more.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

With the 8x8 Unified Communications Suite, you get one vendor with one low monthly bill.

Manage and Deploy With Ease

Make changes, connect dispersed locations and empower employees to customize their service themselves—all without IT assistance.

Unite People and Locations

Empower everyone in your business—anywhere in the world—by giving them all the same powerful communications tools.

​​Truly unified communications, only from 8x8.

With 8x8, you really can have it all. We’re the only cloud-based provider that offers you world-class business phone services, collaboration and virtual meetings—plus enterprise-class contact center solutions—in one secure, reliable Unified Communications Suite.

​​One Unified Communications Suite


The only cloud solution that answers all your needs in one powerful, flexible unified communications suite.

Save Big Money

Get voicemail, local and long distance service. Save up to 50% each month when you get everything from one provider

Powerful Capabilities

Create a lasting, professional impression with our feature-loaded IP phones and reliable service.

Available Anywhere

With 8x8 Mobile Softphone you can make and take calls from your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or your computer.

Route Calls Easily

Use 8x8′s Automated Attendant to easily setup your 8x8 phone system to answer and route calls automatically.

Why Choose 8x8?

8x8 is the only hosted VoIP phone service with both instant messaging and web conferencing. We deliver the latest in reliable VoIP technology for all of your business phone service needs – as low as $19.99/month.


      8x8 Stands Out as the #1 Leader in Hosted VoIP


8x8 delivers the latest in reliable hosted PBX VoIP technology for your business phone service needs – starting as low as $19.99/month.



8x8 delivers the latest in reliable VoIP technology for all of your business phone service needs – as low as $19.99/month.